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Our Cooking Classes at the Fat Tuscan focuses on building students’ confidence in the kitchen while at the same time encouraging each person’s passion and creativity. We start this process with our setting inside The Fat Tuscan Cafe, which is a warm, fully restored, historic 100 year old home located in the heart of downtown Gainesvilles Historic District located at 725 NE 1st Street, Gainesville, Florida 32601. The warm ambiance of our surroundings instantly creates a relaxed atmosphere where people can laugh and cook and come together.

Each cooking class we offer has a theme & subject matter that is taught in person by our Chefs. We offer both ‘Hands On” classes and “Observation” type classes here at the Fat Tuscan. All classes will include the use of any equipment needed to produce the subject recipes, all supplies, all ingredients, groceries, take home containers, utensils and personal instruction for the class unless otherwise stated in the Class Description and any other such materials that may be needed to accomplish the recipes as well as printed detailed instructions to take home.

We offer a variety of day, evening, weekday and weekend Classes. – check our Calendar for dates and subjects. We offer from single subject class workshops to Subject Series Classes that center on a theme and each subsequent class in the series builds on the next with different recipes taught at each class. Some classes are repeated throughout the year, and can either be with repeated recipes or different recipes so at times attending the same subject class means you will go over new material and learn something different each time.

Classes are limited to no more than 12 students with individual work stations set up for each student. Some classes may include a meal that is prepared in front of you by the instructor or samples and tastings of prepared recipes from the duration of the class as the lesson is taught. Also at times for the more ‘hands-on’ classes such as pasta making and baking, students may be eating their end projects or returning home with their end products to bake at home; see course descriptions for these classes. Due to the small size of classes, availability is on a first come, first serve basis.

All sales are final.  Gift Certificates have no Cash Value.

Gift Certificates are good for one year from purchase date, after which they must be updated yearly before exp. date or they become voided/expired.

Web Staff Credits are good for 6 months from exchange date, after which they become voided/expired.

Cancellation Policy:

Due to limited seating, we do not offer refunds. 

All Cancellations of attendance must be notified through email. (*Please be aware we do not accept cancellations over the phone, messages left on our answering machine or through messages left with staff as they have no access to update online rosters.) 

Changes & Cancellations Via Email Only. If you find you can not attend due to illness or emergency on the day of your class please send an email response prior to class to your confirmation email. The confirmation email lists the purchase order number and is the best notification for our system so that we can properly apply cancellations and update our rosters. 

An Absence. If a student(s) is absent from a class they were signed up for without prior notification to the instructor for canceling, then the class is considered attended by the student. **Materials, supplies, and staffing are secured for each class regardless of attendance. 

Cancellation Fee. Supplies, prep, staffing, materials and time booked with our chefs are secured prior to each class date. A cancellation fee will be charged to cover lost revenue and expenses accrued for cancellations less than 7 days prior. 

Account Credits & Exchange. Students may cancel and exchange classes with a 7-day notice to the instructor via email for a full exchange.  With proper cancellation and notification to the instructor, the class vouchers can be exchanged (one time) for an account credit that can be applied to other cooking classes with available seats at a later date. Any cancellation that is done within 7 days of the class, we can issue an account credit (less a 20% cancellation fee) to allow you to reschedule. Account credits expire 6 months from the date of your request. No account credits will be issued when fewer than 48 hours of notice is provided. If it’s too late to reschedule, you may send a friend in your place, but please notify staffing of the name changes for the roster. 

*As a small business and due to limited seating, The Fat Tuscan is unable to make exceptions to this policy for scheduling conflicts, last-minute illnesses, or no-shows.

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